Fashion photography tips for an editorial look

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Fashion photography tips for an editorial look

Fashion photography is something I can look at for hours on end. In a good fashion shoot, there’s so much creativity and power. However, not everyone can achieve that stylish, yet often eccentric feel, so we have put some tips together for you all to have a read through and hopefully, pick up on a couple of tips which you would like to try out.

Fashion photography tips for an editorial look

Once again our fashion experts at The Photography Co are here to give their fashion photography tips which will provide an editorial feel to your brand:

What’s the Idea?

Fashion photography is all about the concept and story. Here, you can let your imagination run wild and draft out a narrative for your brand. Determine the emotion you want your audience to have. Consider the need of the product. Ask yourself what the characters are trying to say in your narrative. What each item stands for? Also, go for metaphorical cues.

Create a mood board

Mood boards are an essential element for improving your photography workflow. They work as visual summaries to enlighten the members of your team regarding the goals of the photoshoot and are extremely easy to create. Simply type in a few keywords linked with your photo shoot and search for images on Google, and don’t forget to check out Pinterest, as it is packed with fantastic ideas.

Print and paste the ideas on a board. Look for common themes and elements. Don’t copy the entire look, as that could land you in trouble. Figure out what appeals to you. Does it tie in with your brand’s story?

Consider a fresh angle

Angles in any photograph can make a difference. When we talk about angles, we do not just mean photography angles, but also new angles to your story. Make your audience come back to your picture, by exploring an odd or unusual angle.

Question your preformed notions? Does a model have to be of a certain ethnicity? Or a certain size?

Look for your team

This is one of the most challenging parts, especially if you are new to the scene of fashion photography in Dubai. However, for proactive management, you do need a team that includes:

  • Models
  • Makeup artists
  • Hairstylists
  • A dress and accessories stylists

Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Turn to Facebook Groups. Ask in your corporate circle. Create a team you feel comfortable with and who are able to understand your brand and its ideology.

If you are looking for editorial fashion photography in Dubai for your fashion brand, we would love to talk to you about your brand’s visual story at The Photography Co.

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