How Fashion Photography Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

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How Fashion Photography Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Big brands worldwide spend millions, even billions, of dollars on fashion photography. That’s because they know the worth of a killer fashion picture.

Whether inside a fashion magazine, on the cover or billboards, fashion photography needs to get your customer to want your products. The aim is to create a visually appealing composition so that it catches the eye of the buyer and pursues him to buy that product.

How Fashion Photography Can Make Your Brand Stand Out

Fashion photography isn’t just about capturing the model and your product in the best light. The fashion photography gurus have taken fashion photography to the next level with these tips:


Never shoot a fashion brand without a concept in mind. There are so many fashion brands in the market competing for attention, the last thing you want is to go missing in the crowd. What’s your brand story? If you don’t have one, its time you create one.

Once you have a story in mind, use it to decide on the props, models, location to create a cohesive theme.

Choose the right background

Advertising a sports brand? Well then most preferably, shooting in a hiking spot, gym or running track will work better than a bland backdrop. Location can do wonders when it manages to convey the context of your brand.

Sometimes, fashion photographers take the brand out-of-context pictures in locations where the product makes no sense. But that jars the viewer to come back and take notice. If you want to take this road, then make sure all elements are in sync with your brand’s story.


One mistake rookie fashion photographers make is to go for the best looking models. Fashion photography isn’t about the model – it’s about the brand and its story. This step may not seem important and you may select the most attractive one. But this won’t help you in building the character of the product. A model for a lifestyle brand needs to portray a motherly image while a sports brand needs an athletic body, select wisely. The hair and makeup will further enhance the image, bringing in the character. The pose of the model also draws attention to the product, so try to work on that too.

Other Details

Camera angles, perspectives, lightning, and wardrobe etcetera will help in further building up the concept. A low angle makes the model look tall while shooting from the top makes the model look smaller in height; again a sports brand may need a model to look long legged and athletic.

Camera settings need to be adjusted according to the shoot. If you need to show movement in a photograph, you need a low ISO, moderate aperture and fast shutter speed. The same goes for lighting.

The small details are something that sets apart the newbie from pro fashion photographers. Some imperfections left out in the shoot can be covered in the post-production process. You can smooth out the skin with the lasso tool; give color to shadows for glamour; fill in eyebrows and much more. Have fun with Photoshop but remember, don’t go over the board and ruin the natural look.

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